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Garlic Harvest is Complete!

We are happy to report that the garlic harvest is complete at all of our member farms. This image is from Mountain Roots Produce, where harvest was spread out over the course of few days. Here they harvest in the morning and rack and hang to cure in the garlic barn in the afternoon.

The garlic crop looks impressive this season and we're excited to share it with you.

It's time to plan your garlic harvest for next summer and Order Seed Garlic TODAY for fall planting! We currently have the following varieties for sale:

  • Chesnok Red Seed Garlic
  • Music Seed Garlic
  • Duganski Seed Garlic
  • Montana Zemo Seed Garlic
  • Inchelium Red Seed Garlic
  • Susanville Seed Garlic
  • Red Toch Seed Garlic
  • Transylvanian Seed Garlic
  • Lorz Italian Seed Garlic
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