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Wall of Seed Garlic Hanging from the Barn Ceiling at Sol Vista Farm

Finish Line In Sight...

Well, sort of... With orders streaming in, co-op farmers are working hard to take down our garlic, which hang in various barns and sheds, and to sort and process the crop to prepare for shipping!
Though exciting, it does feel like a bit of a frenzy amidst the long lists of fall tasks on our farms. When we're taking down our hanging garlic, the next step is sorting the large heads for seed from the smaller heads, which we sell as culinary garlic.
As we prepare our Seed Garlic for shipping out in early October, we are also supplying culinary garlic to a variety of outlets in our region such as Durango Natural Foods, Sunnyside Market, Zuma Natural Foods, and more!
Are you in interested in stocking up on culinary garlic for all of your cooking need this fall and winter? You can order both hardneck garlic and softneck garlic in one pound increments in our Garlic Store. Click here to stock your pantry with our Garlic for the cold months ahead. 
-Duke Jackson
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