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Fall at Sol Vista + Field Prep for Planting Seed Garlic

Fall at Sol Vista + Field Prep for Planting Seed Garlic

In my opinion, the farm season in the Southwest is akin to climbing a mountain. It can feel like a journey. I often use the term “getting over the hump” when talking about pushing through the busiest and most frantic times of the season. Often, this “getting over the hump” piece seems to play out as a false summit. There are lots of ups and downs, unexpected events occur, and above all, like climbing a mountain, the experience is generally humbling. As September wraps up, fall field prep feels like the final, true summit of the season. I’ve selected my hardneck seed garlic and softneck seed garlic varieties to replant, and I plan on prepping my garlic block to be twice the size as last seasons. I am excited and a bit nervous, as I am with any new endeavor on the farm. Happy fall!

 -Duke Jackson

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