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Floral Garlic Braid Season

Garlic Braiding Season

Some of our Member Farms create and sell garlic braids at their local markets. 

If you're interested in braiding garlic, the first step is to grow plenty of Softneck Garlic. The stalks on Softneck Garlic are pliable and great for braiding, unlike Hardneck Garlic which has pretty rigid stalks that are more likely to break when bent. 

We have several Softneck Seed Garlic options available: 

  • Inchelium Red Garlic
  • Susanville Garlic
  • Red Toch Garlic
  • Lorz Italian Garlic
  • Transylvanian Garlic 

We recommended growing a couple varieties so you can compare their flavors, size and beauty. The Inchelium Red Garlic is really great for braiding as it has consistently shaped bulbs and beautiful cream wrappers blushed with purple. 

Order your Softneck Seed Garlic today! Please reach out if you have any questions. We start shipping out garlic for planting the first week of October. 

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