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Seasonal Transitions - Garlic and the Cold

Seasonal Transitions - Garlic and the Cold

Summer has passed, fall has arrived and cold weather is on the way. Every growing season, I always end up reflecting about the foods we grow, when we harvest them, and how that can relate to what our bodies need during certain times of the year. The summer begets tomatoes, cucumbers, salad greens – cuisine that lowers our internal temperature. As it gets cold, I think of the food that warms me up - winter squash, onions, starchy fall carrots for soup, and garlic. People tend to get sick during seasonal transitions, a reaction of our bodies to the change. I recently read that garlic can help prevent common illnesses, including the cold. I haven’t seen an overwhelming amount of evidence towards this, but it makes sense to me intuitively. There’s no denying the pungent, heating quality of the food. As the weather turns here I plan on eating lots of our Colorado grown garlic, even more than usual.

-Duke Jackson

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